Patience Is a Virtue When Removing Gray Hair!

In today’s society, everything is promised to be fast.  People want fast food, they want it served quickly from a drive through window, while sitting in their fast car. But as nature knows, things of real value are not fast, and that same truth applies to the safe coloring of hair.

Mass marketed dyes and over the counter boxed solutions that promise to complete gray removal in ‘instantly,’ or in a matter of minutes, indeed come with their own, non-financial, costs.  Many have learned the hard way that traditional gray removal dye solutions can take quite a toll on not only the health of your hair and scalp, but on the health of your body!  But some lament the organic alternatives.  Don’t they take too long?  The answer is no, and the timing is also relative to the cost.  Let’s take a look at just price you’re paying with promises of a ‘fast’ gray removal solution.

The gray hair removal dye cocktail.

In order to make traditional hair dyes work quickly manufacturers call on the use of powerful chemicals.  In fact, these chemicals are so harsh that they can only be mixed just before use, must not be touched without gloves, and they must be disposed of immediately to minimize risk of explosion.

One of the most common chemicals in the hair dye cocktail is hydrogen peroxide.  This ingredient is a ‘developer,’ and once added to ammonia it forces the hair shaft to bloat out to better allow dye coloring to lodge in the follicle.  The more hydrogen peroxide in the solution, the faster and more deeply the dye takes.  The problem with this is that hydrogen peroxide is one of the main culprits responsible for hair drying, breakage, and loss.  It is known to researchers to burn the scalp, and to cause epidermal thinning – severely compromising the future health of your hair.

When slower is better!

Once your hair is damaged, nursing it to health can be an unpleasant uphill battle.  By using organic gray removal solutions like Gray Riddance, impressive results can be achieved without losing peace of mind.  Made with absolutely NO peroxide, ammonia, or lead, the formulation found in Gray Riddance is proven to be gentle, easy and effective with our typical client seeing their gray strands convert into a beautiful subtle brown color in just three days!  Where the chemicals are missing, there are a wealth of healthy and nourishing ingredients, including aloe, black walnut, nettle, and lavender.  The synergistic effect of the natural ingredient blend work together to safely and naturally darken the hair.

Next time you are seeing gray, don’t take a course of action that will have you seeing red.  With the use of natural, effective Gray Riddance you can accomplish all of your gray removal needs, the way nature intended.