Why Hairstylists Don’t Like Gray Riddance!

The basis of a successful business is to find an unfulfilled need, and offer a convenient way to fill it.  When this happens, large profits are made.  Unfortunately, within this construct, unscrupulous businesses often use fear based tactics to keep consumers endlessly spending.  One of the most common of these tactics involves keeping your customers in ignorance, and the strategy is especially utilized in the beauty and hair care industries where simple and straightforward solutions often produce far better and less expensive results than the more highly publicized and pricy treatments that are found at spas and salons.  A great example of this is found in the gray hair removal process. Arguably one of the most widely experienced global hair care issues, millions of individuals across the globe are sold fancy solutions that require treatments that are expensive, and even worse yet, chemically toxic.  The good news is that you don’t have to be fooled by the hype.  There is a simple and inexpensive product on the market called Gray Riddance that will free you from the salon, and have you never looking back.

Gray Riddance is your hair stylist’s biggest fear!

The Gray Riddance solution comes in an easily portable spray bottle that can be conveniently ordered online for delivery to your mailbox in a matter of days.  This natural liquid marvel is a revolutionary product that takes the complexity out of getting rid of gray hair.  Striking the coveted balance between eliminating gray and not breaking the bank with expensive treatments, Gray Riddance provides a no stain, no mess, product that organically turns gray hair into an natural brown that seamlessly blends into your own hair color.  The result is a beautiful head of hair with rich color that rivals any dyeing or highlighting treatment that a pricy salon could produce.  In fact, in just one short year, the revolutionary Gray Riddance spray can completely eliminate touch-up and dye appointments, and can save your bottom line hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Why Gray Riddance beats the competition in every category.

In addition to the time and money savings, there is even a more important thing that you will save when you use Gray Riddance over conventional salon based dye treatments.  That thing that you will save is your health.  The typical salon based dye contains skin irritating ingredients like formaldehyde, coal tar, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and PPD which can not only produce caustic burns, but are known to be toxic or carcinogenic.  In contrast, Gray Riddance is a safe and completely natural solution that contains no lead, no ammonia, no peroxide, and no toxic chemicals.   The formula even includes soothing and enriching ingredients like aloe, sage, and chamomile, to build your scalp and actually strengthen your hair as you get rid of your gray.

Next time you reach for the phone to schedule a salon visit, consider reaching for a bottle of Gray Riddance instead.  Not only will it revolutionize the way you look, but it will free you from the need to constantly visit the salon!