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Start with dry, relatively clean hair. We recommend not washing your hair on the same day of the treatment.

Wear gloves for application.

Spray the root touch up on your roots and/or strands that you plan to color. Shake the bottle frequently while spraying. After application, your hair should be damp, but not dripping from excess product. Comb or brush the color into the hair. For smaller areas requiring precision, spray onto a small flat brush. Then brush into the gray hair roots or gray hair areas.

Leave on for 20 minutes for a softer color; or wait 30 minutes for a deeper color. This will allow more time to saturate and darken the gray hair strands. Worry not about hair breakage from over processing. This is a mineral based color that does not contain harmful chemicals.

To color the hairs on the temples, beard or new growth near your forehead, spray on a small flat brush and apply it to the gray hair areas.

If you are a current original Gray Riddance user and would like to use the mineral color; please see our FAQs.

Do a test patch in an inconspicuous area (e.g. behind the ear) before a full application. Previous, recent chemical dyes could cause undesired coloring effects.

If you have recently dyed your hairwith a permanent color it is recommended to wait 2 weeks before using this product.

If you have recently straightened your hair(a perm etc.) wait one week before application.

Wait 3 weeks after using henna. Again, a test patch is the best way to avoid any potential issues.