What is Gray Riddance

I remember my initial shock at finding my first gray strands. I ignored them until my hairdresser convinced me to color my hair to cover the gray. Coloring resulting in my losing a third of my hair. My sister, Joyce, suggested that I get a weave to cover my hair loss and even offered to pay for it she was so shocked by my hairs appearance. I resisted, being the type of person who looks for the natural solution to everything. The color used was too harsh for my fine hair and made my problems much worse than just trying to get rid of the gray.

I wore the weave for about a year and a half until my natural hair condition had improved. Obviously I didn’t want to chemically color my hair again so I began to search for a chemical free way to address the grays.

I discovered that black walnut, sage, nettle and other herbs had been used to color hair for centuries and began mixing in the kitchen. I made a solution and used it on my hair… Voila, it worked.

I took the solution to a very reluctant cosmetic chemist who said it wouldn’t work without a developer. After much prodding, he consented to test the formula and my findings. After a couple of days he called excited, practically screaming, “this stuff works!” Thus, Gray Riddance was born.