How To Use

In order to ensure the best possible results PLEASE DO A SMALL TEST PATCH. This is extremely important. Previously used chemicals could have undesired coloring effects. If you have recently dyed your hair or used henna, wait no less than four weeks before using GRAY RIDDANCE. If you have recently relaxed your hair, wait no less than one week before using.

As you massage the product into your hair, excess could get on the skin. Wipe away any excess with a little soap and water. Skin areas will be temporarily darkened for a few days if product is not removed from skin after each use.

Instructions for Use: Wear gloves for application


STEP 1: Start with clean, dry hair; free of all other hair conditioners, sprays, etc. We recommend wearing gloves (latex, etc.) for application. The product can temporarily stain your hands without gloves.


STEP 2: Spray Gray Riddance on your gray strands and roots. Once finished, your hair should be damp but not dripping wet. For the roots you could also spray a little on a small, flat brush ( like an old toothbrush ) to help with the application. Using a brush will help prevent any temporary discoloring of your scalp (this is the same temporary discoloring that can occur on your hands). Let it soak into the hair for 18 to 24 hours. For best results, do not wash your hair during the coloring process.

STEP 3: For complete penetration massage Gray Riddance into your hair using your fingertips, a comb or a brush. Let hair dry.

Use for UP TO three consecutive days.  Stop application when you reach the desired color. Please note the desired color could be reached after the first application. Wait approximately 24 hours between applications. Minimize the use of other hair products during this time. 



  • To color the hairs on the temples or new growth on your forehead spray Gray Riddance on a small flat brush and apply it to the gray hair areas.
  • Gray Riddance can be used on relaxed or processed hair because it does not contain lead, peroxide or ammonia. It is ideal for use in conjunction with other chemical processes making it ideal for men and women of all ethnic backgrounds.

  • If your hair is dark brown or black, and you’d prefer a uniform color instead of highlights, use GRAY RIDDANCE as directed and then after 2-3 days apply a temporary or semi-permanent hair rinse, like a cellophane. This process will tone down the highlights making your hair a more uniform color. The rinse will last longer because GRAY RIDDANCE opens the hair cuticle allowing the color to thoroughly penetrate.