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The Original

Natural Nourishing Color.

Our original hair color uses pure pigments plus nourishing extracts to lock in color, restore health, and infuse hair with a smooth, silky shine.

Our Original Golden Brown shade is a plant derived formula which transforms gray hair into a light brown color, without Peroxide, Lead or Ammonia. Perfect for blondes and light to medium brown hair, also for anyone who wants to give their gray hair a highlight effect.

Start with dry, clean hair, free of all other hair conditioners, sprays, etc. Wear gloves for application.

**Spray The Original product on your gray strands and roots.**After application, your hair should be damp but not dripping from the excess product.

Massage solution into your hair for complete penetration using your fingertips or a comb or brush.

Let hair dry. Use for up to three consecutive days and stop the daily application when you reach the desired color.

Although it is not necessary to wash your hair on the second and third days of application, wait at least 18 hours after each application if you do and minimize the use of other products during those three days. Wash your hands with soap and water after application.

To color the hair on the temples or new growth on your forehead, spray The Original on a small flat brush and apply it to the gray hair areas.

Like all Gray Riddance products, The Original can be used on relaxed or processed hairbecause it does notcontain lead, peroxide, or ammonia. It is ideal for use with other chemical processes, making it suitable for men and women of all ethnic backgrounds.

Prefer a more uniform color instead of highlights? Use The Original as directed and after 2-3 days, apply a temporary or semi-permanent hair rinse, like cellophane. This process will tone down the highlight effect of The Original making your hair a more uniform color.

The rinse will last longer because The Original opens the hair cuticle allowing the color to penetrate thoroughly.

To ensure the best possible results, **please do a test patch.**Previously used chemicals could cause undesired coloring effects.

If you have recently dyed your hair, wait four weeks. If you have recently relaxed your hair, wait one week before application. Do not use it if you’ve used henna.

Use gloves. As you massage the product into your hair, the excess could get on the skin. Wipe away any excess with water. Skin areas will be temporarily darkened for a few days if the product is not removed from the skin after each use.

"I could sell this door to door! My hair is naturally a medium blonde color. A month ago, I noticed a big increase in the number of gray hairs on my head. On the first day of treatment, I noticed some improvements and was encouraged. After the second day of treatment, my hair came to life in a vibrant and natural-looking way. I am totally sold on the product."

- Mark S.

"Before GR, I had been using the typical off-the-shelf brands. After 12 years of those products (and my hair strands getting thinner & thinner), I had a scary-as-all-heck episode. While in the shower and rinsing out color from my hair, the shower water began rising to my ankles. When I looked down, I saw many of my shoulder-length strands floating in the water. So much so that it was stopping up the tub's drain. A sharp, cold chill shot up my spine (fear). After I got out of the shower, I took my wide-tooth comb and very, very, very carefully combed my wet hair. Even so, more of my hair continued to fall. A sickening feeling, and a wanting to cry, engulfed me. After my hair was combed through, I took a hair clip that I've always used to clip at the nape and closed the clasp around my hair. Feeling with my fingers, I found about a 20% gap in missing hair. It's been three years; my hair is still not filling that hair clip. I wouldn't say I like it one bit. But, it is what it is. Since then (and not ready to go salt & pepper), I thought I'd try some "natural" hair coloring products. Ultimately, I found that Gray Riddance works best for my circumstance. After getting the hang of it, it's the easiest to apply. The gray strands look believable blond-brown highlights on my medium brown hair."

-Monika O.