Cover your gray the natural way

A permanent, plant derived hair spray to get rid of your gray hair

Gray Riddance 2oz and 4oz bottles

An effective alternative to harsh chemical dyes for women and men



I was amazed with the results, I get so many compliments on my hair. It highlighted the grays beautifully, looks like I paid a lot at the salon. This product was a game changer for me.

Mary B

I could sell this door to door! My hair is naturally a medium-blond color. A month ago I noticed a big increase in the number of seriously gray hairs on my head. The first day of treatment I noticed some improvement and was encouraged. After the second day of treatment my hair just came to life in a vibrant and natural-looking way. I am totally sold on the product.

Mark S

This product is amazing! I have never colored my hair before for concern about the chemicals. I am about 30% grey and decided to try Gray Riddance only because it doesn't contain chemicals. I was surprised by how well the product works and how easy it was to use. No mess, no toxic smell and I'm left with a new (younger) look that still looks natural.