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Going Gray: Curly vs. Straight Hair

There are no shortcuts to perfecting a hair care regimen.  Hair textures respond best to other methods of care, and to complicate things, the hair challenges you face evolve over a lifetime.  One of the most significant and challenging hair changes that most of us go through involves the appearance of gray hair. Lets look at how going gray differs based on your hair texture.

Everything’s coming up curly!

Curly hair is gorgeous, but at times it comes with a price.  The curlier a head of hair, the more likely it is to be brittle, dry, and coarse to the touch.  Managing a curly mane frequently attracts hair weakening products, including alcohol-filled gel ‘tamers’ or high heat to achieve a straight look.  This damage the hair and invite breakage and frizz-inducing split ends.

These elements combined render gray and other color treatments of curly hair tricky.  Thankfully, unlike traditional dyes, Gray Riddance may improve the texture and health of your curly hair.  Curly hair responds remarkably well to conditioning treatments, and the olive, aloe vera, and lavender found in Gray riddance do just that.  For naturally curly heads who seek bolder color choices, Gray Riddance can be followed by a temporary cellophane color that adds a burst of vibrant color – without the harsh chemicals that curly hair can’t take.

Sleek and straight strands!

Straight-haired people are often the envy of many, but caring for them correctly requires a healthy dose of vigilance.  Though straight hair may frequently appear shinier due to the more equitable distribution of natural oils (sebum), it also showcases the arrival of gray hair much more prominently.  These new gray hairs are often thicker and more course than traditional strands making it difficult for standard color treatments to penetrate.  This necessitates increased dye processing times, which invites irreversible damage to the hair shaft.   Straight gray hair is best dealt with in a natural way that protects your hair shaft and promotes health.  The Black Walnut and Nettle found in Gray Riddance form an excellent salve that coats and protects each hair strand and leaves you with healthy, shiny, beautifully highlighted hair.  Those individuals with darker hair who prefer grey removal that more closely emulates their natural, dark hair coloring will be happy to learn that Gray riddance is on the brink of releasing a new spray product that does just that!

Regardless of your hair type, there is always room to invite richly natural, conditioning hair products into your regimen.  Gray Riddance combines the winning combination of being a health treatment that gives you the gray removal you desire.

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