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Men and Gray Hair

The number one challenge for men when deciding to color their grey hair is getting it to look as natural as possible. For men who decide to color their gray, they don’t want anyone to know that they had to dye it in the first place. This caveat certainly lessens the options in hair dye for men as most hair dyes are marketed to women.


So, what’s a guy to do?

Gray Riddance's line of products is an ideal solution for men who want to go gray their way. Here are our 3 favorite way to treat your grays. 

Gray Hair Beard Care

Many men first find gray hairs popping up in their beards. Use our signature product Gray Riddance in your beard to target and treat the gray strands for a natural look. Aloe hydrates and nourishes the course hairs for healthier and natural-looking facial hair. 

Just a touch-up

Grays also tend to spring up around the face and sideburns, use our root touch-up to color small areas of gray around the face. 

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