Men and Gray Hair

The conversation in our society around aging gives women a very different message than it does for men. A very significant gender bias exists when it comes to the physical markers of maturity such as gray hair, the loss of skin elasticity and perhaps, even, the need for reading glasses. Thanks to the gender bias, a woman with gray hair is perceived as being old, haggard and unattractive, whereas a man with gray hair is thought to be distinguished and wise. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why men, seemingly, are more comfortable going gray as they mature. It is more accepted. So is it that men just aren’t as concerned about their appearance as women are or have been taught that they don’t have to be?

Many times we find that a man’s spouse or significant other is the one encouraging a man to dye his gray hair. They could be prematurely graying, trying to look younger to compete in the job market or just don’t want gray hair. Whatever the reason, once he does, he will face the same challenges as women. Dyeing one’s hair can be costly, time consuming and will wreak havoc on the hair itself and your scalp.

The other challenge for men when deciding to color their grey hair is having it look as natural as possible. This is the one thing women don’t worry about as much because it is normal for a woman to have highlights or for her hair to appear as though it’s been dyed. For men who decide to color their gray, they don’t want anyone to know that they had to dye it in the first place. This caveat certainly lessens the options in hair dye for men as most hair dyes are marketed to women.

So, what’s a guy to do?

First, he should think about the reasons for dyeing his gray hair. Is it to look younger? Getting rid of grey hair certainly isn’t the best or the lasting way to achieve that. The focus should be on eating a healthy diet, exercising and maintaining one’s mental acuity and health. If these things are in order and the person feels vibrate and agile, there’s less of a need to dye one’s hair in the first place.

If you’re still committed to dyeing those gray hairs, consider a natural hair solution like Gray Riddance. Applied over three days, Gray Riddance, will turn gray strands to a permanent light brown color giving the hair more of a natural look. As your hair grows, you just spray more Gray Riddance. It’s easy, natural and perfect for men who decide that having gray hair isn’t for them.