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About that “Magic Pill” to Prevent Grey Hair

There has been a lot of information recently about a magic pill to prevent grey hair. Is it really magic and is it effective? We know from experience and common sense that all that glitters is not gold, and the pill is no exception.

To give you some background information, scientists created a pill that claims to block hydrogen peroxide from producing in the hair follicles which causes the loss of pigmentation resulting in grey hair.

In 2009, a British study revealed the mechanism that governs loss of hair pigment. Researchers at the University of Bradford in the UK revealed that accumulated oxidative stress brings about an over-production of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles. Hydrogen peroxide blocks melanin production and melanin is what gives the hair (and skin) its color.

This process involves a series of complex chemical mechanisms which involves the effects of follicle damage on key enzymes. Catalase is one key enzyme that breaks up the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen to be eliminated by the body. As we age, catalyse levels drop allowing hydrogen peroxide to accumulate, and the hair to turn grey.

Additionally, enzymes MSR A and B are supposed to stimulate repair in the hair follicles. Unfortunately, these levels drop as well as we age. Without enough MSR A and B the body can’t produce enough tyrosine which produces melanin.

We see a lot of MSR A and B supplements in the marketplace today to boost these levels. Are these enzymes effective and safe? It’s too soon to say. Some experts suggest that it might be more efficacious to supplement with zinc and selenium because these minerals assist the body in producing catalyse, MSR A & B and tyrosine. For a more natural approach, you might even try consuming more spinach, avocados and liver which are rich in catalyse.

Doctors warn that significant risks are involved when you tamper with enzymatic reactions in the body. Supplements are not subject to the same FDA regulations that new drugs must undergo. Without a product to test, it’s hard to determine if it’s safe. One other caveat to consider is that the pill produced by L’Oreal will not reverse grey hair, only prevent it. Therefore, one must begin taking the pill up to 10 years before they expect to begin turning grey, putting the consumer in the role of a psychic.

Many options are available to cover grey hair. If you decide to use supplements, also try using a natural approach to cover the grey you already have. Gray Riddance has no harsh chemicals and covers the gray hair with highlights. As the supplements begin to work, you will have a seamless blend throughout your hair.

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