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Reflecting on Gray Hair and the Aging Process

Aging is a normal and natural outcome of living life.  We should be grateful that we are allowed to experience life and should do so with a natural acceptance of everything that comes our way. During the course of living, change is inevitable. When a baby is born we not only expect change to occur on a daily basis, we often look for it. Unless the baby grows and develops certain skills, something is wrong.


Why can’t we accept our advancing years in a similar fashion? Maybe we are afraid of living? Or maybe one is afraid of growing old. So continuing to have birthdays is a positive, really good thing. So many people are not allowed that privilege.

What are some of the triggers that make you feel like you’re getting old? For many people, having gray hair is at the top of the list because it is so readily visible. There are a myriad of ways to dye or color graying hair. Everyone wants to find a perfect solution, that omits the use of harsh chemicals that can harm the body and damage the hair. A perfect solution doesn’t really exist, only options that are made according to the amount of gray hair one has.

But how do we define a “perfect solution”? Is it a dye or tint that permanently colors hair dark or light brown, red or blond? Permanently meaning that one never has to apply the color again to the new growth or the ends. As we all know, nothing exists like this albeit, we do have options at our disposal. May I suggest finding something that is free of harsh chemicals, effective and easy to apply? Or, just embrace the gray and keep the body temple vibrant and youthful through diet and exercise and positive acceptance. We are called to accept, appreciate and enjoy life.

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