Coloring Your Hair At Home Versus the Hair Salon

While there are many benefits to coloring your hair at home, just as many exist for choosing to rely on a professional. Let’s take a peek at the advantages and disadvantages on both accounts. But first, one must evaluate the reasons for wanting to change the color of the hair in the first place.

There are a multitude of reasons, each unique to the individual but for most, it is to enhance the overall appearance. Natural hair color has many highlights that tends to impart a glow to the face. No coloring job can even come to a close second to one’s natural hair color. Take a closer look at a child’s hair to see the many different hues that blend together perfectly. Adding highlights to the hair tends to somewhat duplicate this look. Professional salons specialize in this process achieving favorable, but costly results. All in all, hair dye can never compete with one’s natural color. Natural hair color is by far the most attractive look!

But, what if the hair begins to gray?

A great majority of people decide to color their hair just to rid themselves of the gray, because it’s often the tale tell sign of one’s aging. A few strands aren’t so noticeable; but if you have about ten percent or more it’s difficult to conceal. Often, we tend to focus on our imperfections rather than looking at the overall appearance of the hair. In other words, we tend to enlarge the imperfections. Even so, if you feel like the gray hair is causing you to look older you should probably make some changes. After all, your perception of how you look affects how you feel.

So if you’ve decided to take the plunge, you’ll probably wonder if there’s an easy way to cover the gray and the answer is yes! Why mask the beautiful hues in your natural hair, and damage it with chemical dyes? Let’s take a look at a innovative, new way to conceal just the gray. If you have up to about thirty percent gray and like the look of highlights, Gray Riddance is the ideal solution. This is a chemical free way to cover gray and closely mimic your natural hair color. If the hair is dark brown or black it will look like you have light brown highlights. But, if the hair is blond or light brown it just blends with the natural hair color. Or of course, you can achieve the highlights by using chemicals at the salon but your pocket and your hair will thank you if you take the simple route….you need to sum this up.