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3 Benefits of Coloring Your Gray Hair At Home Versus the Hair Salon

While there are many benefits to coloring your gray hair at home, it can be intimidating, and many of us find ourselves in the salon chair. While there are advantages to that approach, it can be high maintenance, expensive, and time-consuming. If you are finding yourself fed up with your 6-week appointments and damaged hair, our signature product Gray Riddance may be a great fit for you. Gray Riddance is a chemical-free way to cover gray and closely mimic your natural hair color. Made with Aloe to hydrate and nourish hair and scalp; Lavender to promote healthy growth and prevent thinning; Black Walnut to safely and naturally cover your grays for pure balanced color results. 

Benefit #1 Natural Gray Coverage

Natural hair color has many highlights that tend to impart a glow to the face. No coloring job can even come to a close second to one’s natural hair color. Take a closer look at a child’s hair to see the many different hues that blend together perfectly. Adding highlights to the hair tends to somewhat duplicate this look. Professional salons specialize in this process achieving favorable but costly results.  Achieve a more natural look by treating your hair with Gray Riddance. Gray Riddance targets your gray strands (and only your gray strands), giving you a natural, lived-in highlight.  

Benefit #2 Healthier Gray Hair

Regular visits to the salon and hair color can wreak havoc on your aging locks. Gray Riddance not only colors your Grays but also treats your hair with really real ingredients. Aloe hydrates and nourishes your scalp and courser grey hairs. Lavender and Nettle prevent thinning and promote healthy hair growth by supporting scalp circulation for thick, lustrous hair. Gray Riddance is so safe; you can even use it on all hair textures, including relaxed hair. 


Benefit #3 Save Time and Money

Anne Kreamer, an author in her 50s who described her transition to gray hair in the book “Going Gray,” estimated that she spent about $65,000 on hair color over a 25-year period. That may seem astronomical until you break it down. That is the price of going to the salon every 6-8 weeks. Treating your grays is just a spray away with Gray Riddance. 


Is Gray Riddance Right for you? 

Gray Riddance is best for Men and Women with less than 30% Gray. Looking for more coverage? Check out our mineral hair color instead!

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