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Do you have premature grey hair? Learn how to treat it naturally

“I’m only 23, and I’m starting to gray!” Does this sound a bit familiar? Graying prematurely is a common experience and can be an unwelcome surprise. Gray hair is often hard to cover as the strands are less porous than naturally pigmented hair.

Many find themselves plucking them out at the roots (a painful option) only to see those gray stands return quickly. Another option would be to embrace those strands and chalk up their appearance to the early acquisition of wisdom. Coloring gray hairs with traditional methods like box dyes or pricey visits to the salon can damage and thin the hair shaft.

What is Premature Graying? 

Going gray is a natural part of the aging process. Most people start to notice gray hairs between 28 and 40 years old. Significant graying before then would be considered premature graying. Half of all people have a significant amount of gray hair by the time they turn 50.


What causes Premature Graying? 










Premature graying is namely caused by genetics that slow the production of melanin. Other factors that can play a role include health, diet, and stress. 

Best way to treat premature graying



If you have between 10-30 percent gray hair, treating with Gray Riddance can be a natural, affordable, and effective treatment for going gray your way.   










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