Graying Prematurely

“I’m only 23 and I’m starting to gray!” Does this sound a bit familiar? Graying prematurely is a common problem but the real question is exists in how to remedy the situation. Gray hair is often hard to cover as the strands are less porous than naturally pigmented hair. Still, there are options available, albeit all are less than ideal.

You could just pluck them out at the roots (a painful option) only to see those gray stands return quickly. Another option would be to embrace those strands and chalk up their appearance to the early acquisition of wisdom. Many people like their gray hair but those who aren’t, resort to harmful chemical dyes to cover just a few strands.


Although this method is effective initially, over time it can damage and thin the hair shaft. Constantly dyeing your hair is overkill, especially when other more natural and less harmful options are available. Henna while messy is highly effective but the results in terms of the pigment can’t be guaranteed. Henna reacts on everyone’s hair different so while the process is also very messy, the results can vary greatly. Beware of products claiming to be “all natural” by touting henna, but have added chemicals to enhance the results. While the color might be more vibrant, its temporary as the color will fade after a few washes.

There are also hair wands that cover gray hair by using a mascara-like tool. These formulas need to be applied on a daily basis and most leave the hair hard and feeling unnatural.